The 21st Century Hampshire Down is a hardy, adaptable and early maturing sheep, passing on to its offspring:-

  • Trouble free lambing
  • High survival rates
  • Early maturity / High liveweight gain
  • Quality muscled carcases
  • Good killing out percentage

giving the producer a quick, cost effective return

Hampshire Downs have been exported to Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America and throughout Europe. This worldwide demand can be attributed to it's initial genetic traits which established a breed, that adapts easily to variations of food and climate.

Prof. Tanner, in his "Influence of Climate and Hereditary Character upon Sheep," (1869) stated that: "A constitution is strong when the functions of the animal system can be discharged in a healthy manner under trying variations of food and climate. A constitution is sound when the animal grows and thrives under the variations commonly found in a state of nature. A constitution becomes delicate when, through the intervention of man, and by a diminution of exposure, certain tendencies are fostered at the sacrifice of vital energies, so that the animal becomes specially subject of disease, and particularly so if restored to its original state of nature."

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