There is continuing pressure on pedigree and commercial breeders to efficiently produce quality carcases that meets the current market requirements. AI Services, Signet and the CT Unit (SAC) now offer a service to pedigree breeders to assist them in identifying superior stock that will breed fast growing lambs, producing well muscled lean carcases at the appropriate carcase weight.

Hampshire Down Rams produce lively hardy lambs with a high survival rate. The breed's superior ability to efficiently convert grass into meat is passed on to their offspring producing excellent quality lambs that reach target weights of 18 to 21 kilos in 10 - 12 weeks. Their well fleshed carcases, which regularly command top grading with a high killing out ratio are ideal for the home and export markets

"Fast maturing quality lambs ensures an excellent rapid return for the farmer".

Crossbred Lambs Hampshire Down crossbred lambs at Larne, Co Antrim

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