During the nineteenth century the Hampshire Down breed was founded by crossing South Down Rams with ewes from the Wiltshire Horn and Berkshire Knot breeds. The Hampshire Down was first registered, as a breed at the end of the century and primarily developed to provide terminal sires, which would produce early maturing well-muscled butchers lambs.

Hampshire Down sired lambs efficiently convert grass into meat within 12 weeks producing a quality meat which not only fulfils the demands of the butcher but also the consumer.

Throughout the years Hampshire Down Rams have contributed to the foundation bloodlines of various other breeds including Texel and Dorset Down.

The Hampshire Down in Ireland

The breed was first registered in Ireland in the mid twentieth century with one of the original flocks remaining active until 2005, the entire flock was sold as a unit and fortunately continues to flourish under a new flock name. Currently there are close to 50 pedigree flocks throughout Ireland. New breeders are always welcome and encouraged to play an active part in the promotion of the breed. See Shows and Sales and Membership links

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